We're sorry you feel you haven't received the level of help you expected to while with us. First, let's make sure you are using all the resouces we offer to help our agents.

  • Are You Active In The Chat Room? Asking Questions As Well As Reading Questions From Others To Help You Learn More?

  • Are You Scheduling And Attending Your Free One on One Sessions For Direct Help?

  • Are You Scheduling Your Monthly Performance Reviews For Us To Show You What Areas You Need To Improve On In Order To Make More Money?

  • Are You Attending Our Webinars On Fridays? Have You Particapted In A Webinar For Additional Help?

    If the answer is no to any of these, chances are you may not be doing all you can to take advantage of all the resources we offer. We would love to work with you directly to help you try and get on track so that you can become successful in this role. If we offer you 25% off your upcoming agent fees while we work with you one on one provide you with more direct assistance do you feel this would be helpful to you?